Here is the beginning of a new portfolio!

We talked about it many times to have a photo session and it finally happened. I went to visit my in-laws for Easter and snuck away with my sister-in-law for an hour to shoot at Nash farm which is about 15 minutes away from my father and mother-in-laws house. It was the most beautiful place I have ever shot at. We both were so excited! I even took off my shoes with her to shoot. The soft cool grass between my toes made me so giddy.  I will definitely be returning to walk in the grass again, perhaps even catch a battle reenactment and have a picnic.

IMG_7774 copyIMG_7716 copyIMG_7777 copyIMG_7845 copyIMG_7847 copyIMG_7890 copyIMG_8008 copyIMG_8046 copyIMG_8115 copyIMG_8171 copyIMG_8234 copyIMG_8250 copyIMG_8290 copyIMG_8294 copyGear: Canon EOS 6D; 85mm

Location: Nash Farm; Hampton, GA


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