Spring + Star Wars Birthday Party

My daughter asked for a star wars party with flowers. It was a challenge because I wasn’t sure it would work. The question I ask myself constantly when struggling to plan my children’s birthday party is “I can see it in my mind, but does it look good in reality?”

I already had a set goal of doing a simple spring floral party but the little miss requested star wars and specifically flowers. I had all the ideas planned but then I was struck with the flu! And three days before the party I was struggling to recover and get things done. I was lucky to have my dear friends from out of town come a day early to help. I am very thankful for them.

I did not get ANY good pictures because I was so nervous of surprising the little miss and nervous about being host. I just could not concentrate. Unexpected guests and mishaps happened. I won’t get into details. It seemed like a perfect disaster but at the end of the day she enjoyed celebrating with all her friends and family. That is a point I always make sure matters at the end of the day.

I usually plan with little miss but this time is was a surprise so it made it the more challenging and not so fun. At the end, she kind of wished she hadn’t asked for a surprise party. She enjoys the planning with me. My mini-me, my side-kick.


Party Details:

Macarons from Maclab

Invitation from Westminister Paper Co.

Faux Flowers from Michael’s

Happy birthday banner & plates from Target

Star Wars Instaxfilm from Amazon

48″ Darth Vader & Trooper from Toys’r’us 



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