Birthday&Su Kwan

A second birthday celebration and su kwan (baci ceremony) for Emrys…img_9108More photos to come from Jess Esteban Photography.

This was a really fun party to plan. The su kwan (baci ceremony) was way over due for Emrys. It meant a lot to have one for my religious or traditional beliefs. You can learn more about a su kwan here.

The previous year I did a theme that revolved around The Adventures of Merlin. My goal for the party theme this year was to have the feel of simple, organic, airy, also a dash of fall. In my mind, I viewed it as pure and innocent. I wanted to make sure his kwan was united with him.

Thank you to all who helped me prepare, attended the event, and all who sent their regards.



Photos provided below: Courtesy of Jess Esteban Photography



Eucalyptus leaf garland by The Decorated Daisy.

Letter balloons from Maria Express on Etsy.

Wooden Automobiles from ClickityClack on Etsy.

Peg Dolls from Crafting Daily on Etsy.  (Hand painted by me).

Signs and birthday invitations designed and created by myself, as well as the reclaimed wood picture frame. Wooden card box by my father and I.



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